“With Rheumacloud I get an overview of how patients feel which help me prioritize.

I can focus on what is important when I meet the patients.”



– Healthcare provider and Rheumacloud user    




The most important person for you as a rheumatologist is your patient. But you only get to meet the patient every 6 months. RheumaCloud is designed to help you make your patients engaged in their own care between visits to the clinic. An intelligent assistant guides and instructs the patient what to do everyday based on a health plan provided by you. RheumaCloud continously visualises the health status for the patients based on their own input.

This gives them feedback on progress and stimulates them to follow your therapy, and increases their self-efficacy.




With RheumaCloud you can easily define the health questions you want the patients to answer and how often. RheumaClouds built-in intelligent assistant guides and reminds the patient when to answer and fill out questionnaries.

Patients can use their smart phones or computers to answer, even use their voice to provide answers. There is no need for any investments into patient devices.





You can use standardised questionnaries or tailor questions specifically for individual patients. The data collection is completely under clinical control and the data is stored where you want it, all in compliance with GDPR.

Together with the patient you decide when and how often the patient should answer. RheumaCloud takes care of guiding the patient in providing the data you need to assess and improve the health of the patient.




Just informing the patient is not enough to achieve sustainable behavioural changes. Using RheumaCloud you and your patient can set goals for their physical activity and adapt it to the needs of the patient. RheumaCloud supports patients using wearable devices like bracelets and activity trackers.

Bracelets provides information about the ongoing behaviour of the patient such as physical activity, heart rate and sleep. The data is collected automatically without any involvement from you. This data can be integrated and correlated with patient self assessment data such as disability index (HAQ), so that you and the patients can understand how physical exercise effects their disease.





RheumaCloud’s intelligent assistant helps the patient to follow to the medication you have prescribed. The intelligent reminder system supports the patient in adhering to your theraphy.

It is also possible for patients to report deviations from medication or if they have needed to take extra pain reliever. Together with your patient you can understand if there is a need to change the therapy.




When RheumaCloud is used the patient will arrive to the clinic visit much more prepared and have a good understanding of their disease. RheumaCloud will also aggregate the patient health status and how it has developed since last visit and visualise that for you in a comprehensive form.

Your meeting will be more efficient and you will have better data to take decisions about treatment together with the patient.





It i well known that rheumatology patients are in higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. This can be avoided with training and physical activity. RheumaCloud supports the use of modern wearable technologies. In addition to this you can also add patient monitoring using medical devices like blood pressure monitors, weight scales, glucometers and pulse oximeters.

RheumaCloud integrates a range of these devices and you can schedule when and how often patients should do measurements. automatically transfer digitally measured vital values like blood pressure, weight and blood sugar. You can also set target ranges for different vital signs, for instance to keep blood pressure with certain tresholds


How Rheumacloud works