Intelligent Digital Voice Assistant for Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient-Centered Healthcare in the Home

Healthier Patients, Happier Caregivers

VoiceRPM offers you a cost-efficient yet naturally engaging way to ensure your patients feel cared for around the clock even though you can’t always be there. VoiceRPMs AI-powered voice dialogs allow care professionals to remotely monitor vital health values and support healthy habits between visits with their geographically distributed patients.

How it works:


The care team configure a health monitoring plan for each patient in the care portal. 


The digital assistant follows the health monitoring plan and regularly calls the patient.


The patients answers is compiled and stored in the CheckHealth care portal.

VoiceRPM digital assistant improves the efficiency and efficacy of caregivers’ scheduled visits and check-ups and sends customizable text alerts and daily reports directly to the care team.