New project: Real-time risk prediction of prediabetes

Together with a European consortium, CheckHealth has won the contract for the PRAESIIDIUM project. The aim is to develop a tool providing a real-time prediction of the pre-diabetic risk of an individual. Undiagnosed diabetes affects a large portion of the population: 36 % of adults citizens in Europe. Nevertheless, prediabetes is a condition that can be inverted even without the prescription of drugs. Hence, there is an interest in applying mathematical models to simulate one’s own metabolism, hormone production from the pancreas, metabolites in the microbiome, the inflammatory process and the response of the immune system.

The prediction algorithm will be based on a physics-informed machine learning approach. This predicting algorithm will be trained with a rich set of information derived from previous clinical data, from one’s own family history and from pilot studies which, through wearable sensors, will provide monitoring of glucose, bioimpendence and heart rate.

CheckHealth will provide integration with wearable activity meters and VoiceRPM for health and diet data collection using voice-driven AI solutions. The project will use our LinkWatch platform for data handling and has a budget of 5.8 million EUR.