About CheckHealth

CheckHealth is a medtech company specialising in developing solutions for implementation of remote patient monitoring programme. A successful remote patient monitoring programme requires that it is tailored and optimised for the needs of the care organisation and for the type of patients and their specific diagnosis and medical conditions. There are huge differences between elderly and frail persons that need to have their bloodpressure measured once a week, covid-19 patients that need to measure their blood oxygene levels continously and active and working patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

In our solutions we integrate the latest technologies for medical device measurements, smart wearables, smart health questionnaries and medication adherence schemes to fully support the care organisation’s needs of collecting different patient health parameters.

The biggest challenges in launching a remote monitroing programme is for the care organisation to avoid getting drowned in usage and technical support issues and to secure that the patients are adhering and delivers the data needed. Therefore CheckHealth has developed intelligent digital assistant technologies that continuosly support, help and empower the patient.

Data collection is complemented with scalable and secure data management and storage and the latest AI technologies for data analytics and visualisation.

CheckHealth is offering a platform, LinkWatch, for implementation of large scale monitoring programmes, and specialised solutions optimised for specific diseases and diagnosis. RheumaCloud for rheumatic care is our first such service.

We have a large network of clinical partners in Europe, covering different chronic diseases such as rheumatism, diabetes, asthma and COPD, cardiovascular, and Parkinson.

CheckHealth is a subsidiary of CNet Sweden and was originally created as a result from the PICASO project.