RheumaCloud is a service offered by CheckHealth to support rheumatologists in understanding the progress of their patients. Today rheumatologistsmeet their patient approximately every 6 months. RheumaCloud is designed to help rheumatologists engage their patients in their own care between visits to the clinic. An intelligent assistant guides and instructs the patient what to do everyday based on a health plan provided by the rheumatologist.

RheumaCloud continously visualises the health status for the patients based on their own input. This gives them feedback on progress and stimulates them to follow the therapy, and increases their self-efficacy.

RheumaCloud includes specific rheumatology questionnaries and algorithms for calculating and understanding disease progress, pain and wellbeing parameters. With RheumaCloud clinicians can also easily define the health questions they want the patients to answer and how often. RheumaCloud’s built-in intelligent assistant guides and reminds the patient when to answer and fill out questionnaries.